PPC Advertising isn’t a walk in the park. Even when you have all the right ingredients, it is still difficult to maintain. You are required to put in countless hours optimizing your ads, bidding, looking for new opportunities, optimizing landing pages and websites and many other things.

Inevitably, every marketer or business owner comes at a point where they ask themselves if there is any easier way to do the job that they are currently doing.

Our short answer to this million dollar question is, “Yes.”

As like everything else in life, there’s always someone or some company you can pay to handle something which you do not want to do yourself.

Now as much as we’d love to answer this by saying ‘Hire SproutPPC’, we also know that hiring us might not always be the most ideal move for any business. For some businesses, hiring someone internally might be the right decision. For some other businesses which might be smaller, hiring a freelancer to keep an eye out on a few campaigns might be the most viable option.

However, for most businesses, the best solution would be to hire a PPC agency like Sprout PPC.

But how do you decide which options you as a business owner should go for ? Let’s take a look at a few critical reasons you should take into consideration when deciding.

1) Are You Profitable Already ?

But To be completely honest, a PPC agency won’t always save your business. PPC Agencies such as Sprout PPC are awesome at optimization. If you’re about to hire a PPC agency because you have an idea and want to make it work, you might be disappointed.

Whilst account managers at Sprout PPC have years of experience and tons of tricks, most of these tricks will work well for already established businesses.

This doesn’t mean that we would not be able to help a start-up or a new business, but an honest PPC agency would not be able to guarantee you any numbers. If a company is already doing PPC and has some historical data to look at, then we would be at a much better place to know if we can take the client on or not.

Hiring a PPC agency to manage an unproven business model is sometimes risky as it might be expensive. If you’re already spending thousands a month profitably, then we should be on a call together.

If for some reason you have profitable PPC campaigns and they might be taking too much of your time or you think there’s much more potential to be exploited, hiring a good PPC agency is a good idea.

So, if you’re thinking about hiring a PPC agency, you need to ask yourself this question.

  • What benefit am I expecting from this PPC agency ?

If the reason is, “I can’t make this work so I’m going to hire an agency to try it for me.” Then you might be preparing for disappointment. If your reason is “I’m already making money from the PPC campaigns and I just want someone to optimize my campaigns and get me better results without me having to spend hours on it.” That reason is when you should hire a PPC campaign such as Sprout PPC.

2) Lacking ideas ?

When you are trying to market the same business on a daily basis, it can be very easy to get stuck in a rut. To make this even worse, since your experience is limited, you might not know of the options and different routes you can take.

This is where an awesome PPC agency shines!

PPC Agencies like Sprout PPC are full of marketers who are excellent at their craft and have years of experience working with different advertising platforms, strategies and business goals. They know what is working today, what was working yesterday and how they can achieve the best for your business.

In addition, their creative side can work on new solutions that you and your team couldn’t manage to come up with.

They can also bounce off ideas between a creative team without even having to get up from their desk.

So, even if you have a fairly adequate set of skills, if you feel like there is room for improvement or need things looked at from a different perspective, it might be a good idea to speak to a PPC agency.

3) Conclusion

In this article we’ve covered what we believe are the most important aspects when deciding whether to hire a PPC agency or not.

To be completely honest with you, if you are currently running profitable PPC campaigns you might want to talk with an agency like Sprout PPC. The years of experience, trials and errors, successes and failures have taught us many little factors that the usual marketer will not know. If this sounds someone like you, just get in touch with us and we can set up a free strategy session where we can share some ideas together. The best scenario would be to end up working together. Worst case scenario ? You end up going back with a few new ideas on how you can improve your business.

With that being said, if your business model is not proven yet and you do not know if it will work, hiring a PPC agency might not work and you can end up disappointed. We’re not saying things couldn’t work out, but the likelihood is that you end up wishing you’d invested your money elsewhere.